Car Styling

Give your car a style make-over with this stylish & competitively priced range of smart in-car styling accessories.

    Our smart Car Styling accessories range will help you give your car a styling make-over that won't cost the earth but will have it looking as good as new!

    Whether your car is a beat up old banger, a workhorse for transporting a growing (probably messy) family about, a run-around for just getting from A to B or your prized possession, a few well chosen car styling accessories will not only protect your car's original upholstery and trim and keep it looking like new but will also improve the look and feel of it, especially if things are starting to get a bit worn.

    Wheel trims are great styling accessories for giving your car a sporty look and can totally transform and enhance the look of your car. They will also protect your wheel hubs from dirt and water by providing a waterproof covering. Car mats provide maximum protection from dirt and grime to your car's original carpet and help to keep it looking like new. Our range of car mats are universal fitting and have non-slip backing and come in a choice of rubber and/or carpet. If your car seats are a bit of an embarrassment, a bit worse for wear or you have pets, children or messy friends; then a set of car seat covers will not only cover up the old ones but will also safeguard them from spills, stains and pet hair - as well as improving the look of your car interior.

    Steering wheel covers add a touch of style to your car interior and also increase driver comfort, particularly in cold weather, and improve grip for a better driving experience. Stop fumbling about trying to find things whilst your driving - keep your gadgets and bits and pieces in place and at hand with a range of holders and organisers available in our selection of interior accessories along with tax disc holders and bluetooth hands-free kits. If you're looking for 'L' or 'P' Plates or those essential accessories for travelling in Europe you'll find them within our exterior accessories section, along with other styling accessories to give the outside of your car a personalised sporty or fun look.

    Car styling accessories not only add your own personal style to your car but they can help protect your car's original upholstery and trim by reducing wear and tear on it and protecting it from spills and stains, thereby keeping it in excellent condition for you to enjoy longer - or when the time comes to trade it in for a new, or newer one, hopefully making it worth that little bit more!

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